About the Author

I’ll resist the temptation to write this in the third person as if it was being done by an impartial reporter.

I started this blog in May, 2012.

I grew up in Canada, emigrated to California in my twenties and to Idaho in my thirties. In my forties I left the USA and have since lived in Belize, Mexico, China, Thailand, England and Spain. Since 2006 my wife and I have been traveling the world non-stop as digital nomads.

I’ve always had an interest in the history of human advancement toward individual freedom. The truth is, it’s probably my number one passion in life. I adore my wife (really) and being a father to six kids has been the greatest experience of my life.

Even with that great fortune, the subject that most occupies my mind and that I can endlessly discuss is how civilization could improve in the direction away from servitude, political tyranny and war and toward universal individual and societal freedom.

The Freedom App – Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics offers the fundamental principles of the first form of society that does not require coercion in order to function. The networking of individuals through applications that permit contractual agreement leads to maximum human freedom and choice on a universal scale.

A future novel is in (slow) progress.

A Penny For Newton – A novel about a better world. This is my first novel to hypothesize a rational society in the near future that operates on principles that maximize individual freedom without impinging on any groups or individuals. Such a society, if it can be achieved, would yield the creative and inventive fruits of billions of truly free men and women. Such a society would soon be to ours as South Korea is to North Korea.

On Crete

On Crete overlooking the Aegean Sea

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