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Hat Tip to Nomad Capitalist

A tip of the hat and a thank you to the folks over at Nomad Capitalist for mentioning The Freedom App on their list of “Andrew’s Favorite Books on Finding Freedom.” After mentioning greats like Harry Browne, Frank Chodorov, Albert Jay Nock and Doug Casey, Andrew Henderson says; “This book outlines how life boils down […]

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The Freedom App - Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics

The Freedom App

The Freedom App – Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics Are you a person who believes the world can be improved? If so, do you believe it should move toward more freedom, or toward more tyranny? More liberty or more restriction? More toward respecting the individual or toward obeying the state? If you favor more […]

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Time to End the Fear

Giving Politicians Credit for What They Do Well

Career politicians aren’t in their profession by chance. Most of them are good at it. They either have the natural skills required or they have cultivated those skills over years of observation and practice. As a general rule, professional politicians have a higher than average social IQ. That is, they excel at relating to people […]

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You Don't Own Your Citizenship

You Don’t Own Your Citizenship

To some people, their citizenship is a very significant part of their identity. Others see their citizenship as basically an accident of what latitude and longitude their mother was at the day she delivered a baby and what political powers of the day were claiming authority over those coordinates. In either case, most of us […]

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Your Money is Not Yours

You Don’t Own Your Money

We trade our lives for money. We do it every day. Most jobs are just an agreement to spend a specified amount of time and educated effort in exchange for a specified amount of dollars, euros, pounds or other fiat. So at the very least you would want to believe that after you trade away […]

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Slave of the Month

Slave of the Month – June 2012

              Occassionally we feature the story of a peaceful person who had half of his entire life’s production taken from him against his will and by force. These people are not African slaves from the nineteenth century, they are modern slaves who live next door to you today. You […]

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"What do we want? Free money! When do we want it? Now!!"

Students Protest to Demand Freeee Education

All around the world States are gradually realizing the staggeringly obvious. They have been spending too much money for decades. Now they are running out of reserves (in the unlikely event they had any) and bumping against the limits of their credit cards. As politicians drive their economies off a cliff they look around for […]

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