Building Personal Freedom

Do you consider yourself to be free? Are you more free today than you were ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Do you think our society is moving toward more individual freedom, or away from it?

What I see is steadily increasing regulation of every individual’s activities and what he is ‘allowed’ to do with his life and his wealth. When that anti-freedom trend is combined with the eager willingness to collect surveillance information on every citizen and store it for future leverage against him, it foreshadows grim possibilities. And when those trends are occurring at a time when governments are massively overextended financially and on the cusp of cutting social programs and pensions while confiscating people’s wealth in order to delay the inevitable moment when arithmetic catches up to deceit, I worry about me and mine, to be frank.

There are a lot of us who see it this way. There are a lot of who don’t believe the lies the public is fed. We don’t believe the government statistics and we don’t believe having over $100-trillion in debt and promises makes for a bright future for the regular folks who are expected to pay that bill.

Some of us are getting together in Las Vegas from January 23-25 to discuss our options. I will be one of the speakers at this event and my presentation will be “How to Safely Leave the Rat Race.” This is a topic I know a lot about. I haven’t had a ‘job’ in nearly twenty years. After raising a family of six kids, for the last eight years my wife and I have lived all over the world, from Central America to Europe to mainland China while earning a wonderful living in ways that provide much greater freedom for any individual. I want to tell people how they can do the same. I think it’s a very important step on the path to individual Freedom. I also think it’s one of the best protections against the coming bad times, financially and politically.

If you’ve read The Freedom App you already know my vision for a future world of global human Freedom. But that vision will take decades to manifest. In the meantime individuals need to build their own personal Freedom as best they can under the circumstances. In fact, it is these individuals who will form the backbone of global Freedom in the future.

The Vegas event has some very high level people in the world of individual freedom. Peter Schiff is a name known to many who follow precious metals and sound money policies. Jeff Berwick is an advocate of having multiple citizenships and residencies. (I’m also a believer in that tactic. I have two passports and am a Permanent Resident in a third country.) These great champions of the individual and others will be speaking at the January event.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to attending is the ability we all have to meet and get to know like-mined people who share our values and concerns for the future and to open the possibility of networking with them as we each build our own personal Freedom.

I hope you will decide to take action in 2014 and I look forward to shaking hands with you in January.

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