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  • Protecting Intellectual Property

    Protecting Intellectual Property

    Those of us who come from the Libertarian, Anarchist, Capitalist, Voluntaryist or similar schools of thought are used to dealing with coercive elements who lay claim to our property, particularly in the form of confiscating our “fair share” of taxes. The coercers begin with some premise that gives them, they say, the moral right to […]

  • Freedom App Interview At Freedom Lovin

    Many thanks to Kevin over at Freedom Lovin‘ for interviewing me about The Freedom App and living with personal Freedom. Our discussion was eclectic and, I hope, very interesting. Kevin is another person encouraging people to build their own Freedom without waiting for some government to provide it to them. (Cuz’ that’s a looong wait.) […]

  • Where Did Your Mother Go Into Labor?

    As constant travelers my wife and I spend a disproportionate amount of time complying with immigration rules all over the world. She can visit Hong Kong for 90 days, I can stay for 180 days. I can visit Cuba, she cannot. I can stay in the US for 180 days, she can stay indefinitely. I […]

  • Why Intellectual Property Is More Important Than Physical Property

    In this article I will briefly address these four issues: 1. Why the State is the wrong system to protect intellectual property (IP) 2. Why IP is more important than physical property 3. Why the arguments against IP protection are immoral 4. The good news for people who completely disagree with me 1. You won’t […]

  • Persuasion vs Coercion in a Contractual Republic

    (From chapter thirteen of The Freedom App) State coercion displaces other means of addressing problems. It is so much easier and widely effective (in the short term) to simply go to the guy with the gun and pay him to force a law on others. Perhaps a person believes that wearing a seat belt in […]

  • Laundry in My Contractual Republic

    I’m a person who pretty much thinks about building Freedom every waking moment. Since I know Freedom is about control over my property without interference from any unwanted party I’m sensitive to when interference happens, to say the least. One of the rare transactions I completely enjoy is having my laundry done when I’m living […]

  • The Freedom App

    The Freedom App

    The Freedom App – Building True Freedom Through Contractual Republics Are you a person who believes the world can be improved? If so, do you believe it should move toward more freedom, or toward more tyranny? More liberty or more restriction? More toward respecting the individual or toward obeying the state? If you favor more […]