“Let us define our terms.” Socrates

 Often in the realm of discussion and debate the issue at hand could be settled immediately if the parties would only take the time to agree on definitions of the words they are using. Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than when people discuss “freedom.” So divergent are the definitions of freedom that some people sincerely believe that freedom is achieved by dumping plane-loads of bombs on civilians or by confiscating individuals’ property to build a politician’s idea of a worker’s paradise.

This blog uses certain definitions in order to have clear meanings when discussing specific issues.

Freedom: The societal condition that exists when every person has 100% control of his property.

Property: An individual’s life and all non-procreative derivatives of his life.

Moral: Absence of coercion.

Coercion: An attempted, intentional interference with property.

Profit: Any increase in happiness acquired by moral means.

Plunder: Any increase in happiness acquired by immoral means.

Capitalism: That societal structure whose mechanism is capable of protecting all forms of property completely.

Freeee: is not a definition, it’s just a convention I use to mock the idea of free health insurance, free housing, free grants from the government and other plunder that is made available at the expense of unwilling individuals. Few things are truly free in this universe.

If you believe you have more precise and comprehensive definitions for these terms I would be happy to hear them and will adopt them if I also believe they are better. Dogma has no place in science and when better fundamental definitions are possible they should be adopted.

(And his/her are interchangeable above. It’s a grammatical deficiency of English to default to only one gender when discussing “man” when meaning “all humanity.”)