Hat Tip to Nomad Capitalist


A tip of the hat and a thank you to the folks over at Nomad Capitalist for mentioning The Freedom App on their list of “Andrew’s Favorite Books on Finding Freedom.”

After mentioning greats like Harry Browne, Frank Chodorov, Albert Jay Nock and Doug Casey, Andrew Henderson says;

“This book outlines how life boils down to contracts – contracts between ourselves, those we do business with, and others in our lives. Noticeably absent is our contract with the state. Sisco, an expat in Thailand, discusses supplanting unjust governments and living in a voluntary society.”

Next month this expat in Thailand will be an expat in Spain for awhile. The folks at Nomad Capitalist live a lot like I do, in several countries every year trying to enjoy the best of what is on offer around the world. One of the few drawbacks is how often you run into coercive State authorities wearing Customs & Immigration costumes and trying to keep everyone in the box they are “supposed” to be in for the rest of their lives because of where their mother went into labor. The time, energy and money that goes into complying with these shifting rules is wasted instead of invested. More friction to Freedom.

But pioneers have always had it toughest. Not that you’ll see anything but a smile on my face as I walk along Karon Beach in Phuket looking at the scenery, geologic and living.

I don’t do well in boxes.



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