How Can I Achieve Personal Freedom?

Author, on Crete and thinking about personal Freedom and Ancient Greece.
Author, on Crete and thinking about personal Freedom and Ancient Greece.

When you spend time talking to people about Freedom it becomes apparent that there are at least two perspectives among those who have a deep desire for it.

Firstly, there is social Freedom that gets discussed (sometimes ad nauseum) by politicians, paid spokespeople and other manipulators of the populace. Their’s is the ‘freedom’ we will improve through having just a few more taxes or dropping just a few more bombs on a few more countries. If only more people would ‘sacrifice’ life would be so much better on average. Sure. That kind of freedom we can all do better without.

True social Freedom will exist when every individual has complete control of his own life and property. Taxes, bombs and mandatory sacrifice are in the opposite direction.

The other perspective on Freedom is one that comes up often in the question, “What can one person do to live in Freedom on a personal level?” That question opens the door to some wonderful conversations.

I was recently chatting with Kevin who wrote the article, 4 Reasons Why the 40 Hour Work Week Is Bullsh*t. He also thinks about personal Freedom a lot. He’s a fan of the late Harry Browne and his influential book, How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World. (Worth about a hundred times the paltry eight bucks it sells for on Amazon Kindle.)

Anyway, Kevin’s article makes the observation that we are conditioned to think and work like machines. Working exactly eight hours per day sound to my ear like the ‘duty cycle’ engineers have to build into certain heavy machinery. Work eight hours, rest sixteen, repeat.

Even worse, people condemned to stay at a desk or workstation  for eight hours always make sure the day’s work takes up all those hours. Think about the week before you go on vacation. Ever notice how you hit that week with checklists of all the stuff you need to do to clear the decks at home and at work before you can go away? That’s the week where you get three weeks of stuff done. Why isn’t every week like that?

That’s a clue of how much more efficient and productive we could be if our circumstances were different. It’s also why I know people who left jobs making $25K a year and now they run their own business online make over $100K a year. We are conditioned to be inefficient at achieving our own goals. The loss to humanity is incalculable.

The road to personal Freedom is the same as the road to societal Freedom – control over your own property. This is the reason why I’m such a champion of finding ways to make a living online. (As I have since 2001.) This new technology allows any individual to earn income that is his own. He is not at labor to pay for the massive overheads and salaries of people above him in a hierarchy. Moreover, he can live outside of the legal reach of the most coercive States and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle wherever on earth he chooses.

Like you, I want global human Freedom. I’m starting to think it needs to happen one individual at a time. The good news is that is a much easier task. And once enough of us have achieved it, Freedom will reach a form of critical mass where it will expand very rapidly.

Are you working on building your Freedom?


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  1. Pete, as a successful online entrepreneur for many years now, do you think that continued rapid expansion in the LIB sector will eventually crowd good operators out of the space and bring earnings down?

  2. I think that’s how society changes. Of course, ‘society’ is an abstraction but it consists of millions of individuals and it all comes down to how they each behave. If they use coercion we have an inferior society.

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