How Your Stolen Money Makes Other People Rich

How Your Stolen Money Makes Other People Rich

This article in Business Insider talks about how some of our most popular – and lucrative – new technologies come directly from US Military research.

Capital intensive research and development created LCD displays, lithium-ion batteries, signal compression, multi-touch screens, GPS and cellular technologies, to name a few.

What the article does not illuminate is how this is the greatest rip off of Joe Taxpayer since the creation of the Federal Reserve. In my book, The Freedom App, I talk about an alternative to taxation as a means of funding large scale projects. In short, there is no reason these projects cannot be operated as investments.

If the funding of these ‘capital intensive’ projects were not funded coercively it would open the possibility for anyone to simply make an investment in these types of research and development and receive a financial return on that investment under terms and conditions that are mutually agreeable to all parties. Invest in microchips – earn dividends from microchips.

Instead, Joe Taxpayer is forced to put billions of his own dollars into research that big companies receive at zero cost. Then those companies go on to build massive wealth for themselves without any return to those who made it possible. (Wow. Chump investors. Sweet.)

This is rather like the way certain banks borrow money free from the folks who print it, then charge 18% interest when Joe Taxpayer wants to borrow some of that same money.

How nice for the banking sector.

And how nice for the tech sector to get a similar deal.

It’s easy to see who the big winners are in this coercive system of finance. It’s also easy to see that every taxpayer is the big loser.

A system based upon coercion always creates more losers than winners.

There is a better way to organize a social system – so nobody benefits from coercion.




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