My Interview At Borderless

Pete-BorderlessI was recently interviewed by James Guzman over at Borderless. Borderless is interested in breaking down both the political and psychological barriers that restrict us from living life on our own terms. They focus on the pragmatic, real world ways it can be done right now by virtually anyone.

I hope you listen to the interview but also follow Borderless to hear their other guests and their ongoing efforts to create a better world by leading people outside of their perceived borders.

Topics In This Interview

Pete’s Video With Tony Robbins
His Start as an Entrepreneur (9:30)
The New Possibilities Today as an Entrepreneur (10:30)
The Best Country for Business (13:50)
How to get Started with your Own Online Business(22:30)
The “Freedom App” Book (24:45)
The Decentralization of Society (28:00)
How to Find a Mentor (36:33)
How New Social Systems may Emerge (44:00)
Can the Current System Change Before it Collapses? (47:00)
Pete’s Mentorship Program (49:45)
A Day in the Life of Pete Sisco (52:10)
Travel: The Fountain of Youth (56:00)
Thailand Changes You (1:00:00)


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  1. I learned about this great website from the Borderless Podcast – thank you James Guzman for bringing Pete and his views to my attention. I firmly believe that a society based on contract, rather than coercion, is the answer.

    For more information on the subject, I highly recommend the below interviews of the great Spencer MacCallum on the idea of contractual “entrepreneurial communities.”

    Spencer MacCallum: Enterprise of Community:

    Spencer MacCallum: Property, A Social Approach

    And here is his brilliant “A Model Lease for Orbis,” a master lease for a libertarian, single-owner proprietary community that may serve the basis of a future seastead.

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