Not Being Governed

The Art Of Not Being Governed

Many thanks to the folks over at NotBeingGoverned for featuring my 2,000-word article, Whose Idea of Freedom Should We Use? on their site.

These guys are champions of individual freedom who come at the issue from many different perspectives and encourage lively debate. (*cough* intellectual property.)

I’m a bit envious of their very busy Facebook page with a substantial following at this link.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll repeat it, but the power and reach of social media is forging a new frontier where regular folks can informally meet and organize themselves according to their personal priorities in life. For those of us who love Freedom and care about the trajectory of human society social media is going to play an important role in resisting coercion and building superior social technologies. That will begin in social media circles. Worldwide.

The folks at NotBeingGoverned are doing their part. Thanks for that.



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One response to “Not Being Governed”

  1. Your article there exposes the truth about the political system: buzzwords and nonsense, which we all know exists. Yet somehow, too many don’t get the fact that those buzzwords are nothing but rhetoric. What is “freedom”? Even in our community, I think it should be more well-defined, and when it comes from the mouths of politicians, it’s just brainwashing. Unfortunately, Americans – the right-wing included – think they’re so “Free”.

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