Tracy A – Research


As we discussed, the next step is to perform some research into the niche marketplaces that exist in the areas of your personal interests and abilities.

In your case that’s the golf market, which is fortunate because this is a well established niche with a proven and perennial ability to generate substantial online revenue.



This is the stage where you investigate the various ways other people are making money in your niche. Basically, you want to look for two things:

A) Who is selling a product, service or membership that you would also like to offer? Ideally, you’re looking for something that you could be really excited about doing. Something that you would love to create and love to show other people. Something you could be proud to offer and build a business around.

B) Does the person or company already offering this item or service making good money?

The answer to ‘A’ is up to you and your personal preferences and passion. In most cases, people already have a general idea what they would like to do. It’s research like this that helps refine the possibilities and trigger the creative process. Soon you’ll not only have a clear idea of what you want to offer but also your own ideas about how to put your personal spin on the whole package.

The answer to “B” simply involves using some basic tools to determine how successfully the product or service is being offered at a particular website. To get started in that process you should visit this link:

Alexa and the Alexa toolbar app allow you to see the ranking of any website in order to gauge its popularity. If you don’t want to use the browser app you can just visit and enter any website’s address to see its rank.

What you are looking for are sites with low numbers. For example, Google is #1 and Facebook is #2. You can see that is 13,452 on this particular day. That’s still a fantastic ranking. In fact, you can make good money with a site ranked 1,000,000 if you are in the right niche with a good offer.

So look for golf related sites selling something similar to what you would want to offer and compile a list of those sites. Run each one through Alexa and make sure it has a worldwide number below 1,000,000.



Whenever someone in the world wants to find something online they almost always visit Google and type something into the search box. The words they type are called “keywords” and they are critical to building a successful online business. They determine whether or not somebody can even find what you are offering.

More about that down the road.

For now, you want to use common golf related keywords for your research. This is an organic process that will take you many hours of searching and surfing. It’s actually a lot of fun! You can immerse yourself in the world of golf and golf marketing and click through layers of what is on offer. Just keep a file of whatever interests you or stimulates your thinking in creative ways.

You can start mining the gold by systematically entering these common golf keywords into Goggle’s search box and then following wherever it leads.


golf instruction

beginner golf instruction

online golf instruction

golf school

video golf instruction

beginner golf instruction

golf lessons

golf training

golf swing lessons

golf instruction tips

golf instruction software

golf instruction slice

golf instruction school

golf instruction lessons

golf instruction guide

golf instruction dvd

web based golf instruction


There are hundreds more keyword phrases (multiple keywords, like all the above examples) but these ones will get you well on the path to deep research.

When you have a list of sites and of potential product, service and/or membership ideas we will speak again.



  1. Get the Alexa app or just use the website

  2. Use the keyword phrases to research the golf marketplace

  3. Compile a list of sites offering unique products similar to what you would like to produce and offer

  4. Verify the above sites have decent Alexa rankings

  5. Compile a list of products or services that are exciting to you

  6. Send me the list of websites and product ideas

  7. Schedule another phone call so we can discuss all of the above move to the next steps

If you have any questions just shoot me an email.

Above all, have some FUN doing this.

You are planning a new and exciting chapter in your lives.


Pete Sisco