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  • Why Citizenship and National Sovereignty are Obsolete

    Why Citizenship and National Sovereignty are Obsolete

    We are all born into a world that operates on very old software. Software that was designed centuries ago and operates on principles and parameters that would be laughable if not for the human suffering and impediment to the advancement of the species it ensures. Citizenship Some people never really become aware of this, but […]

  • Freedom App Interview At Freedom Lovin

    Many thanks to Kevin over at Freedom Lovin‘ for interviewing me about The Freedom App and living with personal Freedom. Our discussion was eclectic and, I hope, very interesting. Kevin is another person encouraging people to build their own Freedom without waiting for some government to provide it to them. (Cuz’ that’s a looong wait.) […]

  • Not Being Governed

    Many thanks to the folks over at NotBeingGoverned for featuring my 2,000-word article, Whose Idea of Freedom Should We Use? on their site. These guys are champions of individual freedom who come at the issue from many different perspectives and encourage lively debate. (*cough* intellectual property.) I’m a bit envious of their very busy Facebook […]

  • Why Intellectual Property Is More Important Than Physical Property

    In this article I will briefly address these four issues: 1. Why the State is the wrong system to protect intellectual property (IP) 2. Why IP is more important than physical property 3. Why the arguments against IP protection are immoral 4. The good news for people who completely disagree with me 1. You won’t […]

  • Persuasion vs Coercion in a Contractual Republic

    (From chapter thirteen of The Freedom App) State coercion displaces other means of addressing problems. It is so much easier and widely effective (in the short term) to simply go to the guy with the gun and pay him to force a law on others. Perhaps a person believes that wearing a seat belt in […]

  • You Don’t Own Your Citizenship

    To some people, their citizenship is a very significant part of their identity. Others see their citizenship as basically an accident of what latitude and longitude their mother was at the day she delivered a baby and what political powers of the day were claiming authority over those coordinates. In either case, most of us […]

  • Should (this) Be Allowed?

    We live during a time when public opinion is given enough gravity to become rule of law. You can scarcely open a daily newspaper (do people still read those?) – okay, you can hardly read an online news aggregator without seeing an article examining whether or not a group of individuals “should be allowed” to […]