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  • As Goes Greece . . .

    As Goes Greece . . .

    When the bad financial news hit the world in 2008 Greece had a debt to GDP ratio of about 113%. That’s around where the US is right now, although with the monkey numbers all these countries use it’s hard to know how bad things really are.

  • Why Freedom-Lovers Should Support Bitcoin (at Least a Little)

    You and I probably read a lot of the same news sources, especially when it comes to topics of Freedom, State coercion and regulation of productive individuals and companies. So I’ll assume you have a basic knowledge of Bitcoins and how they function as a digital currency. Proprietary currencies have a long history and most […]

  • You Don’t Own Your Money

    We trade our lives for money. We do it every day. Most jobs are just an agreement to spend a specified amount of time and educated effort in exchange for a specified amount of dollars, euros, pounds or other fiat. So at the very least you would want to believe that after you trade away […]