TheVoluntaryLife Interview

TheVoluntaryLifeMany thanks to Jake at TheVoluntaryLife blog and podcast for interviewing me about life as a permanent traveler.

Jake is an excellent interviewer and in a short time we covered many topics including;

  • Taking kids out of school

  • Why travel is great for a family

  • Encouraging kids to be individuals

  • Living with coercive immigration rules

  • The future of human freedom

  • The worst thing about being an expat

  • Permanent travel and fantastic personal freedom

  • …and more.

I hope you can take a few minutes to listen to this interview and the other great stuff on Jake’s podcasts. The concept of ‘Voluntaryism’ is an indispensable foundation of building Freedom in this world. I urge you to support and publicize those who advance the ideas of a voluntary society. (e.g. Tell your friends! Thanks.)

2 responses to “TheVoluntaryLife Interview”

  1. For me, the worst thing now about being an expat is the bad wi-fi you get at times. I like the part about taking the kids out of school the best and I’m going to listen to the rest soon.

  2. Wifi can drive a person insane. I’d like to fast-forward a decade to where you can have one provider worldwide and never have to think about it again.

    Imagine if you had to ‘configure’ your electric razor in every hotel you visited worldwide. Ugh.

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