Where Did Your Mother Go Into Labor?

"Looks like you're gonna have a little Greek."
“Looks like you’re gonna have a little Greek.”

As constant travelers my wife and I spend a disproportionate amount of time complying with immigration rules all over the world. She can visit Hong Kong for 90 days, I can stay for 180 days. I can visit Cuba, she cannot. I can stay in the US for 180 days, she can stay indefinitely. I can live indefinitely in 27 EU countries and in 15 CARICOM countries for months, she can mostly stay 30 to 90 days at a time then must apply for renewals.

Why do peaceful, productive people like us and others have to comply with all these paper rules? Because they are all based upon where your mother was when she went into labor. That’s it. That’s one of the most important and influential things about you and your identity.

So a decent, hard working person whose mother went into labor in Syria might want to leave Damascus for the very good reason that right now bombs are falling and bullets are flying. Maybe he’d like to live in France now. Or Canada. Or Thailand. But he is not allowed to do that because of his mother’s longitude and latitude at the time she went into labor when he was born. He’s a Syrian. Case closed.

If he’s lucky maybe his mother’s mother went into labor in England. If his mother was born in England then it’s a simple matter of paperwork for the Syrian to become proudly British.

Wait – if his mother’s mother’s mother had sex with man whose mother went into labor in Poland then the Syrian would have a Polish grandfather. What luck! Now the Syrian can be a Pole. As a Pole (or a Brit) he can magically have permission to live in 27 EU countries. In this way our Syrian friend can legally escape death in Damascus. Otherwise, he will have to stay and die. Sorry. Rules are rules and what your parents and grandparents did is your problem forever. It’s only fair, right?

Some day, after Contractual Republics have operated a century or two, cultural anthropologists will marvel at the ridiculous rules and restrictions that were imposed on peaceful, productive people to arbitrarily keep them in geographic areas. In the West we scoff at countries like India that operate with an ancient caste system that prevents social mobility. How primitive and superstitious. Then we gleefully accept immigration restrictions so “we” don’t have to mix with “them.”

It’s disgusting. In a Contractual Republic Free men and women would be free to visit, live and invest anywhere another person voluntarily traded with him. If a man in France sold my wife a home then she would have a place to live in France, irrespective of where she was born. End of issue.

Alas, we live in societies that operate by and rely upon pure coercion – the opposite of Freedom. Your life is owned and controlled by other people who make rules you must obey or be put in a cage. The rules were made long before your mother went into labor. Now get back to work and send those taxes to your owners!





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